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Bionic J

Bionic J / Jessie Bennett

License #: 29
Date of Birth: 11/27/1976
Hometown: Amherst, Ohio
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 167lbs
Real Name: Jessica Nicole Soto

Athletic Experience: Premier Soccer Goalkeeper

Info: Jessica was trained by Al Snow and his assistant trainer, D-Lo Brown. The class had no other women but had 10 men aged 19 to 28 years old. Jessica first wrestled as "Black Ice."

Her debut pro match was against "Masked Unknown", a male wrestler from Les Thatcher's training camp in Cincinnati, Ohio, on a Global Wrestling show at Bodyslammer's Gym on 11/4/95. She won her debut match. After she wrestled for Cleveland Wrestling Alliance, Big Time Wrestling, California Wrestling Association, and Arsion. Jessica wrestled Reggie Bennett for the first time in July 1997. "Arsion" recruited Reggie for "Arsion USA" in December 1997. Reggie was impressed with Jessica, and invited her to join "Arsion USA." Jessica was named "Jessie Bennett" as Reggie's cousin in Japan. Was changed to Bionic J at a later stage.

Worked mainly as a monster heel. Wrestled Debbie Malenko on her return to wrestling and also formed a team with Cheerleader Melissa and Taylor whilst they were in Japan. Bionic J was with Arsion from their debut through to when Yumiko Hotta bought the company.

Since her retirement Jessica has returned to Japan for a holiday but has not returned to the ring. She lives in San Jose and works as a customer service manager in the home building industry.

Signature Moves:Seated Death Valley Bomb, Chokeslam, 2nd Turnbuckle Legdrop High-angle Pedigree, Dropping Lariat, Rydeen Bomb, Spear, Sidekick.

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