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Debbie Malenko / Debbie Drake

Height: 168cm  Weight: 65kg  DOB: 10/3/1971 (Florida)

Real Name: Debbie Killian

Career Span: Debut in Feb 1990- to retirement due to injury on March 11,1993. Billed originally to come out of retirement at the WNWA payperview in 2000 when the ppv fell through and didn't go ahead as planned her comeback ended up being an exhibition match in Arsion against Bionic J in 2003 a 9/11 tribute

Promotions: mainly AJW, FMW


Titles: ALL JAPAN TAG TITLES: with partner Sakie Hasegawa won on January 5th, 1992 defeating Takako Inoue and Mariko Yoshida. ALL JAPAN SINGLES won 10/2/1993 until forced to vacate the title due to injury in March 1993

Highlights: One of the best American women wrestler's of the 1990's Debbie got to work with a lot of the great legends of Japan. Debbie Malenko was trained at the Malenko school of wrestling in Florida and originally went by the name Debbie Drake. Although not related to the Malenko family word was they allowed her to use the name to work in Japan because of her obvious talent.

Debbie Malenko

Her pro-wrestling debut was in February 1990 and she went on to make her Japanese wrestling debut in March 1991. Although never used extensively on American soil or at all in the WWF/E Debbie was probably one of the best American women wrestlers in the early 1990's. Debbie got to wrestle most of the major joshi stars of the early 90s and was particularly known for her tag team partnership with Sakie Hasegawa. Some of Debbie's matches included: Debbie Malenko/ Manami Toyota vs Takako Inoue/ Mariko Yoshida- AJW 9/12/91. Debbie Malenko/ Sakie Hasegawa vs Suzuka Minami/ Yumiko Hotta- AJW4\1/92.  Debbie Malenko/ Sakie H vs Takako Inoue/ Mariko Yoshida- AJW25/4/92.

Her last match as a full-time wrestler in Japan was on March 11, 1993 when her foot was twisted 180 degrees during a match. The accident happened when Manami Toyota landed a top rope plancha on her. After the accident it was initially reported that Debbie would return after a few months but the injury proved to be more serious.

Debbie Malenko

Debbie was reported in the late 90's to be living in seclusion in Alaska. Debbie was originally billed to have a comeback match in Tor Berg's 2000 ppv Superladies which looked to bring in talent from around the world including: Chikako Shiratori, Akino, Chapparita Asari and Hamada from Japan, former LPWA Champ Australian Susan Sexton, along with two other Australians Australian Champion Amy Action and her tag team partner Raya Riot (The"Lady Kangaroos") and other well known Americans like former LMLW Champ Bambi, former AWA and WWF women's champ Sherri Martel, Sweet Destiny and Missy Hyatt. When the ppv deal fell through Debbie was not heard from again for a while until she appeared in a 5 minute exhibition match on ARSION's November 25, 2001 show against Bionic J. Debbie was also was involved in the Ohmukai verses Hasiegawa match on the same show. Debbie came out and helped Sakie Hasiegawa her old tag team partner in an angle where Ohmukai refused to sell. Arsion folded due to financial problems and Debbie has not been seen on the wrestling scene again though reports were made that she had approached WWE for a job.

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