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Lola Gonalez  (González)/ Lola Gonzales

Wrestling Name: Lola Gonzalez, (sometimes spelt Lola Gonzales.) She has also been nicknamed Lola Dinamita (Dynamite) and Lola La Grande (Lola The Great).

HEIGHT: 163cm WEIGHT: 67 - 75kg

DOB: March 2nd 1959

Real Name: María Dolores González


Signature Moves: Power Bomb, Flying Legdrop, Senton

Media: Lola Gonzalez was the most recognizable face on the Japanese wrestling circuit of the 1980's. Lola's popularity in Japan has translated into her becoming the inspiration for a Mexican exchange student character "Lala Gonzalez" in the manga/anime series "School Rumble."

Lola Gonzalez

Training: Lola was trained by Gory Guerrero and Dorado Hernández.

Wrestling Debut: July 17th, 1975 (at the age of 16)

Titles: UWA: Women's World Title Lola won the title  on August 16, 1981 Mexico City, Mexico defeating Vickie Williams. She held the title until August 27, 1982 when she lost to  Irma Gonzales. She regained the title on March 25, 1983 but held it for less than one month before being defeated by Irma Aguilar on April 22, 1983. La Galactica who was to win the title from Irma took the belt to Japan and lost to the Japanese great Jaguar Yokota. Jaguar won the belt on September 17, 1984 in Tokyo. On April 14, 1985 Jaguar lost to Lola Gonzales in Mexico making it Lola's third title reign. Lola Gonzales was to hold the title one more time this time in Japan. The UWA title was vacated in July of 1987 when Shinobu Kandori the then reigning champion forfeited the belt when she left Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling. Lola Gonzales battled Harley Saito in Tokyo, Japan securing her forth title reign on October 10, 1987.

TWF Singles title: 19/11/1995  Lola Gonzales became the first title holder in Mexico City when she defeated Japanese wrestler Bison Kimura in the tournament final. On 20/09/1996 Lola lost the title to Lioness Asuka and was unable to win it back in her attempt on 29/12/1996. The title then was taken to Japan where it remained active within the J'D Beauty Athlete promotion.

The Fritz Von Erich Retirement Spectacular, Friday, June 4, 1982, Texas Stadium, Irving, Texas Lola Gonzalez defeated Irma Gonzales in 9mins and 58seconds. The match for both these Mexican women took place in the United States and was billed as a special feature. Lola Gonzales was in her prime and she faced Irma Gonzales who had been both a popular and successful wrestler in Mexico since the 1950's. Between 1981-1984 Lola and Irma Gonzales had a heated feud and battled regularly over the Women’s World Title in the UWA.

CMLL: Bull Nakano beat Lola Gonzalez the 12th of June 1992 in the tournament final to become the first CMLL Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Women's World Title holder in Mexico City.

Lola Gonzalez

BIOGRAPHY: Lola Gonzalez was born María Dolores González in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua 1959. Lola was trained by the famous Guerrero family and at the age of 16 Lola made her Lucha professional wrestling debut. (termed Lucha Libre in her homeland) Lola moved to the capitol to work for independent Lucha promotions. Lola Gonzales wrestled extensively in Mexico in the 1970's. Lola made a big name for herself when won a match that unmasked Pantera Sureña (The Southern Panther) in 1977 at Pachuca, Hidalgo. In the 1980's Lola wrestled in Mexico, USA, Canada and Japan.

Lola married fellow wrestler Fisherman from whom she is now divorced.

Lola has held the Occidente Women's Title, UWA World Women's Title four times, WWA World Women's Title and the TWF Women's Title.

Lola had notable matches against Japan's biggest stars including:  Jaguar Yokota, Chigusa Nagayo who she wrestled against for the All Pacific Title in Japan in 1985 and Bison Kimura and Lioness Aska who she wrestled against for the TWF title.

Lola Gonzales will be remembered as one of Mexico's all time greatest Luchadoras.

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