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Women's Wrestling

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USA Women's Wrestlers Hall Of Fame 1970-1980

Paula Kaye

HEIGHT: 5ft 7' WEIGHT: 140 pounds DOB: ?

Gimmicks: "Oklahoma Cowgirl" 

PROMOTIONS: WWWF, American Independent circuit

Wrestling Moves: Flying Elbow, Bow & Arrow (submission), Body Slam (finisher) Career Span: 1969 - 1979.

Paula Kaye

Paula Kaye hailed from Tulsa, Oklahoma and had the signature wrestling move of the flying elbow. Paula Kaye's ring idols when she entered wrestling were Barbara Galento and Toni Rose. Both women wrestlers were known for being tough and mean heels. Paula Kaye fashioned herself in their style. She wore rings to the ring for punching her opponent until confiscated by the referee and used a series of illegal holds.

In 1969 she worked for the WWWF. As a tag team wrestler working with her trainer The Fabulous Moolah, in Washington DC. National Arenaon December 4th, 1969 The Fabulous Moolah & Paula Kaye defeated Betty Boucher & Kathy O'Day.

Paula was a notable wrestling sensation early on in her career. In December 1970 Paula Kaye defeated the talented Donna Christantello in singles competition. In 1972 she tagged with Jan Sheridan.

Paula Kaye had a notable feud against Debbie Johnson in 1973 when Debbie called her a "washed up blonde."

Paula Kaye

By 1974 Paula Kaye was battling Sue Green in an ongoing feud that would last several years. Sue Green was calling the vicious foul tactical wrestler "a frightened chicken" for only ever confronting her in tag team action. Paula retorted back by saying  "I don't duck or avoid her. I don't duck or avoid anybody."

In 1974 a 30 minute singles match time limit was drawn to settle the girls fighting. AT the 30 minute mark the girls were pulled apart by the referee and three security guards as no pins had be reached. The match was a draw and the feud continued as one of the best feuds of the 1970's.

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