The vast majority of women around the globe suffer from the agony of sagging vagina. A woman’s vagina is said to be loose when the vaginal walls are not tight enough or when the vaginal opening is not tight enough. There are several reasons why a woman can have a loose vagina. The vaginal tightening helps such women have tighter vaginas.

Some of the reasons include giving birth, frequent masturbation, and sexual activity. Whatever the reason may be, a flappy vagina can potentially lead to a risk of lack of sexual interest and delayed orgasm due to reduced friction between the vagina and the penis. The great news is that there are some things that women with a loose vagina can do to tighten them. Below are vagina tightening tips.

Tightening tips

Kegel exercises

This is a very common form of exercise that is usually practiced by women who woman sitting in park want to tighten loose vagina. This exercise has been proven to be effective when performed correctly. This unique exercise often targets the pelvic muscles, a factor that helps you tighten a sagging vagina.

This form of exercise is usually recommended to women who have just delivered and are eager to get their vagina back its initial form. The practice usually involves the woman contracting the muscles of her groin then relaxing them after a period of about 10-15 seconds. Alternatively, a woman can also contract her groin muscles while urinating by holding back the urine for about 5 seconds before continuing.

Use of herbal cream

The use of herbal creams can also help to tighten the vagina. The cream is usually applied both inside and over the opening of the vagina. However, you should be very careful when buying vaginal tightening herbal creams because not all creams are genuine.

Although some of these creams may not be harmful, some may contain ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction. To get maximum benefit, choose an herbal cream that does not have side effects.

Vaginal cone

woman laying on a bike Another common way of tightening a loose vagina is through the use of vaginal cone. A vaginal cone looks like a regular tampon, but it has weights that have been attached to it.

The cone is usually inserted (with the weights hanging on the end) into the vagina then the woman is required to try and hold it in place with the help of vaginal muscles for a couple of minutes before releasing it. The use of vaginal cone will contribute to strengthen the vaginal muscles thus tightening the vagina.