Anavar is considered mild yet safest anabolic steroid one can ever use to gain the desired growth, muscle gain and other physical aspects related to the body. It is also very well-tolerated by many women and for this reason, it is not in any way rare to come across publications describing Anavar as The Girl Steroid. The main active hormone in Anavar is Oxylondrone – a highly regarded hormone which is largely favored for its many benefits and little disadvantages. It is ever fast acting and regardless of the kind of use it has been put into, immediate results are ever assured.

Anavar Cycle for Ripped Physiqueshirtless man with abs

This is majorly directed towards men who are in need of gaining some muscles as well as making them 100% lean. Regarding this kind of use, anavar cycle is used to bring out a highly ripped physical appearance which is associated with masculinity. As compared to steroids such as Trenbolone or Equipoise; anavar results are similar to those of Winstrol and other DHT based steroids.

However, in its mild form this steroid can give highly positive results as it aids in the preservation of lean muscular tissues if a person is on a calorie-restricted diet. Also, it can give a physique which is a bit harder and the explanation is that the steroid is usually accompanied by increased body’s metabolic activity. 50mg on a daily basis for like 6-8 weeks is considered a good starting point for Anavar-based supplements however care should be taken not to exceed the 80mg limit.

Anavar Cycle for Women

Anavar cycle is considered better for female athletes as it gives out excellent results as compared to when the similar dosage is used for male. The reason is that women do show high-level tolerance for anabolic steroids while giving out highly efficient metabolic activity.

While using Anavar, it is possible for some women to show some signs of viwoman doing push up rilization though such cases are very rare if proper dosage and planning are taken during the Anavar cycles. For growth or dieting purposes, Anavar is perfect for either of these intentions and for this reason Anavar is the perfect favorite for bodybuilding, fitness and getting a bikini fitting body shape.

10mg-20mg dosage on a daily basis for six weeks is considered safe, and if everything is done timely, then many possible side effects are largely eliminated. Going past the 20mg dosage mark is considered not necessary all the intended benefits can be achieved by regularly staying below this level.