If want the board that will give you the rigidity and easy to use because it is inflatable, then no need to look further because the tower adventure 2 sup is the best. That’s why if you are in the market looking for a sup board then the one to choose is the tower adventure board. the tower adventurer 2 paddle board is new, and it’s has been upgraded with features that make it stand out in the marketplace.

General information

tower adventure boardEven though the price of this board is higher compared to other boards. The tower adventure board is worth it because it’s the great one to use when you are surfing on very wavy water. It will surely last you many years of surfing if you take good care of it. The only way to get the understanding of how good the tower adventure 2 sup is the best is if you read below of some of the best features that it has.

Weight limit of 350 pounds

The tower adventure 2 sup has made easy for people that are overweight to surf in a more comfortable way so many boards cannot hold those people that are overweight and with the feature that the tower adventure 2 sup board has its able for anyone to surf as long as they are 350 pounds.

Six-inch thickness

The thickness makes the tower adventure sup board be more stable on water and also hold you in place. The six inches will mean that you will sit up more in the water than other boards. These will make the experience more enjoyable and no need to worry about your feet being cold in the water.

Best inflatable sup board

With the tower adventure sup board, you will not have to worry about how you will store the board. With the tower adventure 2 sup, you can compact it to the size of a sleeping bag, making it easy even when transporting the board. Making it the best choice for those people that are planning on traveling in different states with their boards and individuals who don’t like the idea of traveling with the board on the top of their care.

Bulletproof design

Bulletproof design While you may be worried that the tower adventure can easily be damaged, then it’s a good idea to tell you that it’s very hard to damage. The makers have even claimed that you can run a car over the tower adventure 2 sup board and it will not be damaged.